Rigid Air Compressors are Junk!

Not resolved

Purchased Rigid air compressor in Sep. 2012 used it 4 times and then wouldn't build pressure.I then took it back to Home Depot for warranty work,they told me a month later that parts were on back order.6 months later picked up the compressor,looked like it went to war with everything in there service area.Got it home and plugged it in and guess what,frickin thing didn't work.Sounded like the motor was locked up and was ready to blow a fuse.Very frustrated,I took it back to Home Depot,waited awhile for a store manager,when he did show up,let him know that I was very dissatisfied.The store took the return and gave me an in store credit.Rigid used to be a great product,have had a number of other products in the past that worked well for years but not this time.Hope this helps.

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